Pronounced - EP

by Soliet

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pronounced soul - ee - ay
Music addict, guitarist, and insane person.

An accurate description if I do say so myself. This EP happened right after I made 'Hide'. I was kind of on a roll when it came to recording, so I kept on recording the songs. Some of the songs were really interesting to make.

For this EP, I dug up a couple of songs that I didn't know as well, or hadn't played in a long time. I arranged quite a lot of them completely differently to the originals. 'Red Waltz' was originally not a waltz, but I messed around. I only had the lyrics to 'Life Was Never Fair', and I had forgotten the melody, so I made one up on the spot in the recording session. That was fun.

Also, I made a couple of very experimental instrumental pieces. I wrote '[downpour]' purely based on the idea of creating a musical piece which represented a storm. In these pieces I experimented with layering and distortion. Because I only have a microphone, the distorted guitar is actually a recording of my acoustic that was turned up really loud.

Pronounced serves three purposes. To provide a bite-sized companion to 'Hide', that contrasts the supremely happy sound of that album with a more melancholy sound. To document of some of my crazier experiments when recording. And the most important purpose of them all, to make sure people can pronounce Soliet properly. SOUL - EE - AY! It's French!

Enjoy the music (and the pronunciation lesson),
Josef Soliet


released May 18, 2014



all rights reserved


Soliet Sydney, Australia

Josef Soliet is Soliet. Soliet is bedroom folk demos. Josef Soliet is also Rakonto, Sochio & Post Order. Link below.

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